This list was created by a professor in fine art to help students who have lost financial resources due to the sudden closure of well, everything, as COVID-19 remains unchecked and as testing remains widely unavailable. 

Help them find agency in this mess by buying what they've got to give. It's good, anyway. Everyone is referred by a professor and is totally awesome.

Tangible Goods 

  • Artwork

  • Other stuff, as people send it to me to post


  • Professional services such as copyediting, tutoring, etc.

  • Daily life support such as delivery, moving, or tutoring


  • Foodbanks

  • Lost income relief

  • Awesome businesses & nonprofits being helpful

  • And whatever else I see that I imagine might be helpful


  • People with some stability

  • Service and tangible good providers

  • Donors

Student Safety Net is run out of San Diego, California. For customer service, please use the contact form available on the contact page.

To contact with more specific concerns: