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We are each other's safety net. 

Student Safety Net is a website meant to enable students to survive the financial impact of the coronavirus. It was started by a professor in San Diego who realized that some of her students were suddenly unable to complete their years as planned, not because school is online, but because the students were suddenly let go from work and therefore would lose their apartments. EDD can help in the mid to longer term, but not in the short term, and these students need to begin earning again.


Here, the students may earn primarily from the fruits of the labor they have worked through in college - artworks, texts, subjects that they can tutor while smaller children are home from school - but they're also able to offer here skills and services that have nothing to do with their education.


All of the funds you pay into a product or service here go towards the students' immediate needs, and no profit goes to the website owner. If you need to search for their names, use a hashtag, i.e. #studentname, in the search box. If you need to search for a particular kind of object or service, do the same. Should be pretty simple!


Let's see if we can help them out and get some stuff and service we need at the same time.

With sincere wishes for your good health and the sustenance of our community.

Student Safety Net is run out of San Diego, California. For customer service, please use the contact form available on the contact page.

To contact with more specific concerns: studentsafetynet2020@gmail.com